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From The President


At my first Committee Meeting in September 2007 I came to the quick realisation we needed to increase membership numbers and, at the same time, convince existing Members to use the Club’s facilities more often. Throughout the intervening 12 years, those two requirements have remained central to Committee deliberations and, I suspect, will do so for years to come. As my term as President comes to an end, I challenge you all to make every effort to patronise the Club’s fabulous facilities and offerings and, when the opportunity arises, to consider proposing membership to those gentlemen within your friendship groups who you know would be welcome at 3 Barrack Street. At 30 June, we had 777 ordinary Members, 73 short of the limit permitted within our Rules. I have a dream that we can get close to that limit by the end of our 150th anniversary year – 2021!

Whilst on the subject of new Members, I am pleased to report on a very successful welcome function held on 6 September and attended by 6 new Members and 50 of their supporters. We also took the opportunity during the evening to honour recent award winners John Atkins AO, Bill Carroll AM, Alan Eggleston AM and Greg Wall AM. It was a wonderful event, prompting one Member to state, ”While I have attended New Members Dinners in the past, I haven’t felt as ‘connected’ as I did last night”.

September was capped off with a very busy day on the 26th, commencing with The Country Members Show Week Lunch and ending with our Financial Information Evening. The lunch was very well attended, with author Robert Drewe’s address an absolute highlight. Thanks must go to Merv Hardie for the contribution he has made to the running of this event and to the activities of the farming group overall. The Financial Information Evening was also a success, with 45 Members receiving a presentation from Secretary, Hugh Stowell before Frank Crawley and I joined him to answer questions from the floor.  There was a positive feeling in the room and Members appeared satisfied with the efforts of the committees involved with financial management of the Club. A very pleasant two course dinner followed!

I hope to see many of you at the AGM on 16 October. For those who cannot make it, may I offer thanks for your support over the past two years and assurance that it has been an honour and a privilege to serve as your President. I have enjoyed the experience immensely, particularly the opportunity to meet and socialise with so many of the Club’s Members and their partners. Sincere thanks also to Committee and Sub-Committee Members for their hard work and, of course, to every member of our wonderful staff for the loyal and excellent service they continue to provide.

Mike Snell – Club President